Top 10 Zoos In The World

  • on January 31, 2022
Top 10 zoos in the world

Friends In today’s world you can’t find people who don’t love animals. But the bad news for humans is that animals and birds are no longer found near themselves, and it is not possible to find them. Notable among these is the fact that humans have brought the environment under their control and are not at a tolerable level for animals. The bigger reason is that we humans don’t feel comfortable seeing animals with us these days anymore. If we do, we go to the zoo to see the animals when we want to. There we can see a wide variety of animals and birds, from extinct animals to the most endangered species in the world today. That’s why there are so many types of zoos in the world today. Some of them are private zoos and there are a number of national and regional zoos run by the government of a country. Let’s take a look at the ten best zoos in the world today.

1. Tiergarten San Bruno, Vienna, Austria

If you want to see the oldest zoo in the world that has been in operation continuously since 1852, visit the incredible Tiergarten San Brun in Vienna. Originally built as royal privacy, Tiergarten Shanbrun now focuses on conservation and education. Like the beautiful environment around it, the zoo still uses several elegant Barco buildings, making it a beautiful zoo to visit. Among the many animals you see in Vienna are the little fingernails of the East, the Arctic wolf, the elephant, and the Siberian tiger.

2. The Bronx Zoo, New York City, USA

While there are several zoos in New York, the Bronze Zoo is no doubt one of the best zoos in NY. Located in the Bronx Park, the zoo is one of the largest in the United States, and the Bronx River flows through it, covering 275 acres. The Bronx Zoo opened in 1976 and established the first modern zoo animal hospital in 1918, indicating a long-standing passion for animal welfare and conservation. The zoo has a population of more than 6,000 animals, representing more than 600 species. Exploring the zoo you will have the opportunity to find animals from all over the world, from tigers, lions, gorillas to lemurs and small reptiles.

3. San Diego Zoo, San Diego, USA

The best zoo in the United States and probably the best zoo in the world, or at least the most famous, San Diego Zoo in California. Since its opening in Balboa Park in 1918, the San Diego Zoo has become one of the most visited zoos in the country and a major attraction in the city. The zoo is divided into eight different exhibits centering on geography and habitat. The exhibition features more than 3,500 animals across 650 species. One of the most well-known exhibits here is the Outback Exhibition, home to animals from Australia such as kolas and Tasmanian devils. But there are also exhibits about animals from other parts of Africa and Asia, as well as fascinating aerial trams.

4. Singapore Zoo, Singapore

With a great reputation, the Singapore Zoo is another international zoo that animal lovers should visit if they can. Hiding in the woods in the heart of this small Southeast Asian country, visiting this zoo is a world-class experience. The Singapore Zoo is spread over 69 acres and has 2,600 animals across 315 species, which is slightly smaller than the other zoos described here but lacks in size, it is in the atmosphere and is on display. In its eleven regions you will encounter the surrounding animals; Orangutans, lemurs and lazy as well as kangaroos, lions and zebras.

5. Beijing Zoo, Beijing, China

The Beijing Zoo is the largest and oldest zoo in China, found in the Jisheng District city of Beijing. The zoo was established in 1908 and now has 450 species of land animals as well as more than 500 species of marine life in its aquarium. The Beijing Zoo covers more than 200 acres and is designed with classical Chinese gardens in mind. Naturally, zoo rare animals have a strong focus on China, the most famous being its giant panda population. Other species that you see in China, such as the red pandas and the Sichuan golden-haired monkey, have many animals beyond its borders.

6. National Zoological Park, Pretoria, South Africa

The largest and most well-known zoo on the African continent is the National Zoo of South Africa. Often known as Pretoria Zoo, due to its location in the city of Pretoria, the zoo has been operating since 1899 on 210 acres of foothills. Elephants, hippopotamuses and even endangered okapi are seen here. In fact, in addition to the animals from Asia, Australia and the Americas, you will be under a lot of pressure to find them here for a better collection of animals across Africa.

7. Zoologischer Garten, Berlin, Germany

When it comes to the impressive historic zoo, it’s hard to beat Berlin’s, Zulugisher Garten. Translated as the Berlin Zoological Garden, the zoo opened in 1844 and is a great source of pride for Berlin’s locals. However, the Berlin Zoo is not only a traditional site, it is also the largest zoo in the world, measured by the number of animals. The City Zoo has over 20,200 animals spread across 1,360 different species, making it a key player in a variety of breeding programs. On its 6 acres of land, you can discover a variety of gleaming species, including polar bears, giant pandas, lemurs, and a variety of primates.

8. Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia

There are several large zoos across Australia, but Sydney’s largest is the Taronga Zoo. Across the 69-acre site opposite Sydney’s city center, Taronga Zoo enjoys some of the city’s finest watercolors. The zoo was founded in 1917 and today has 350 species and more than 4,000 animals across eight zoo areas. As expected, you will find plenty of Australian wildlife here, including tree kangaroos, quails, and emass. However, the zoo has some incredibly rare animals from around the world, such as the sun bear and the endangered Sumatran tiger.

9. Chester Zoo, England, United Kingdom

In the UK, Chester Zoo is one of the most popular wildlife attractions in the country, with good reason. The zoo covers 127 acres north of the English city, making it the largest site in the United Kingdom. Opened in 1931, it is now run by a charity called the Northern England Zoological Society. Chester Zoo has more than 35,000 animals for visitors to explore, including some incredible exotic animals such as capybaras, baboons and Andean bears. Chester Zoo recently received news that a rare black rhinoceros was born there, no doubt there is no reason to visit it.

10. Wellington Zoo, Wellington, New Zealand

What began as a single young lion in Wellington in 1908 has become New Zealand’s most beloved zoo, the Wellington Zoo. From the source of the Wellington Zoo, more than 500 zoos have been converted and run by a charitable trust for the local city council. A large part of New Zealand’s first zoo, especially the zoo’s veterinary hospital – preserved a large portion of the work done here with Kohanga at Nest. The zoo is known for its resident chimpanzees, but you will see leopards, little blue penguins and of course kiwis, the national icons of New Zealand.

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