Top 10 Ways Dubai Billionaires Spend Money

  • on January 12, 2022
Top 10 Ways Dubai Billionaires Spend Money

One thing Dubai doesn’t lack is money. The total personal wealth of the Middle East was estimated at about 3 1.3 trillion by the end of 2020. Many billionaires have moved to the UAE in the last 20 years. What the richest people in the history of Dubai are doing, but they have endless ways to spend it. Today we will know only 10 of them.

1. sand mobiles

Jarek Motors is always ready to show you the latest way to tackle the huge mounds of the mega-rich emirate of Dubai. A unique supercar manufacturer it makes high-end luxury vehicles that can cope with the harsh environment of their homeland in the Arabian desert. Their Sand Racer 500 gt was the first of their sand-loving supercars with a V8 engine weighing 525 horsepower and its carbon body frame weighs just 1200 kilograms. When it comes to finishing it is all Rolls-Royce luxury that includes the perfect starting point with the best touches in terms of climate control entertainment and comfort. But what is your billion worth for our list if you can’t bling it rain gold and boy Dubai billionaire love.

2. Gold-plated food

Gold plated food is a luxury to look like Mary Antoinette cake but Dubai elites forget to eat gold. Dubai chefs add a Midas touch to almost any part of the food. It also features Italian cocoa and Ugandan vanilla beans, but the star of the show is a 23-carat gold edible gold sheet that adorns cupcake gold-dipped strawberries and gold-coated cake stands. We can only assume that you can afford it but there is no end to bling.

3. Cover it in gold

Cover it with gold to give a royal treat to all the rich people of Dubai and through the royal treatment we garnish it with gems means we are sure you have seen the pictures. But here was a gold-plated customized Nissan R35 in a trip down memory lane. The GTR white gold Mercedes SLR sports and that Range Rover is covered in car coins, but the largest slice of the precious metal car is taken by Turki bin Abdullah, the seventh son of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, with a collection of his gold plated cars No. But not only do cars get royal flashes in Dubai, a royal family gave their daughter a gold toilet as a gift for her wedding day. The toilet was furnished with gold furniture and had a gold commode and a gold bidet.

4. Trillion-dollar traffic Jams

Trillion-dollar traffic jams in Dubai Bugatti’s Rolls-Royce and Lamborghinis line up on the five-lane highway as they try to get back to their palaces, like the supercar parade in any other city in the world. The latest hit car is the Rolls-Royce Swift Tail, one of the most expensive cars in the world, valued at .8 12.8 million. If you need speed konigsegg ccxr trevitta 250 will turn your head on the streets of Dubai with the ability to reach speeds. The cost per mile was 4. 4.8 million. And of course, we can’t close this chapter without mentioning a custom Mercedes G650 that suits a king, His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Nakhtum, the ruler of Dubai at a cost of 13 million. Between the two cars, he owns but it is far from the end of his impressive fleet but let’s move on because Buck doesn’t stop here.

5. Million Dollar License Plate

Million Dollar License Plate Numbers So Billionaire Elites’ Dream Journey Does Not End. There is a local culture in Dubai to further define your status with customized number plates. Billionaire businessman Arif Ahmed Al-Jaruni has dropped 4. 4.5 million for his Sharjah, the number one plate in May 2021 for Dubai’s most expensive number plate. A new world record was set and unofficially the world number AA9 was sold at auction to more than 10 million to an anonymous bidder.

 6. Celebrity appearances

Celebrity Appearances Dubai billionaires do not discount any costs when it comes to celebrity appearances. When the son of construction billionaire Sahih Ahmed Balhasa was just 14 years old he had a social media account whose selfies were loaded with the likes of Akon Messi, Nicki Minaj, and Jackie Chan but anyone. Big stars can rub shoulders if they have enough money to book.

7. Big Weddings and Lavish events

Big weddings and gorgeous events are the entertainment lineup at the Dubai event. Not the only big hitter When it comes to big events, the sky is the limit when the Atlantis The Palm Hotel & Resort opened its seven-star doors in 2008. Celebrities flocked around the world to witness the spectacular event, where no cost was spared. Which cost 31 31 million a night, Janet Jackson Denzel Washington Charles Throne, and Michael Jordan were all among the Thea-listers. This is not the first time, however, that Dubai reached its peak in 1979 when Hindbint Maktum married Sheikh Muhammad Rashed Al-Maktum, whose wedding budget was 137 million.

8. Collecting shoes like Zoo Animals

Collecting shoes like zoo animals is not a joke. We mentioned a few minutes ago that Rashed Saif Balasa is the son of a mogul who built Dubai with celebrity friends but the kid is now a young man who has made his career in the fashion world young. Money Kicks is also known for his million-dollar sneaker collection on Instagram, as he originally owns a zoo with more than 500 exotic animals on a large farm, including the Bengal Tiger, white tiger, lion, giraffe, zebra, cheetah panther. And her chimpanzee sneakers also have a special place in her heart, as well as a custom-made walk-in closet that keeps them all in perfect condition.

9. Accessories

Browse accessories through the wealthy kids in Dubai on Instagram and you’ll find out how Dubai billionaires access them. But here for the short version, you can expect to get plenty of frosting from skis with custom metal to sunglasses and customized. A post on the range of every famous brand in the world shows a 50-carat diamond Bulgari serpentine bracelet which cost only seventy-five thousand dollars at the middle end whereas Harry Winston emerald-cut diamond watch cost one million dollars.

10. Falcons on a plane

Falcons on a plane so you already have everything right when you do with your money. Why 80 falcons do not fly first class over their homeland and the Persian Gulf. This is exactly what a Saudi prince did for his feathered friends before falconry was a popular game in the middle of nowhere. However, I guess it’s proof the birds flew together. I mean, how are they going to get to their destination? Exactly, Alexa, we’re curious. If you have that kind of money, you’ll share the first thing with us in the comments, and you’ll be stuck with us until the end. This is where your bonus money comes from working overtime at ATM ATMs in Dubai but drawing paper money is very mainstream for Dubai billionaires so you have the option to get your money at ATMs since 2010. Do not think that there is such a large market for the coin offering one and a half and 10-gram size. But since the opening of the first gold ATMs, they have spread all over the world especially in the iconic Dubai Landmark Burj Khalifa we hope you enjoyed today’s Article.

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