Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World 2021

  • on January 11, 2022
Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World 2021

If you are a foodie like me, then today’s event is for you. Most people have an easy perspective once it involves painting an image regarding themselves. So today I have brought for you many famous restaurants from all over the world who are competing to get a place on this list but out of them we have selected only the top 10 restaurants, Today’s article is about where restaurants are located and how to eat them and their complete condition.

10. The Chairman (Hong Kong)

The Chairman Hong Kong, The Chairman Hong Kong is a canteen restaurant and it is the only Chinese restaurant that won the Best Restaurant Award in the world in 2021, Itself with one Michelin star with high respect for organic ingredients bought from native suppliers the room team is crystal rectifier by cook kuak kyungsung to form the foremost elegant dishes, Like steamed crab tender chicken full of shrimp and also the freshest condiment to gather all the various flavors on your palette, The service is, of course. The service is, of course, impressive and the overall experience will surely stay with you for a long time and pro tip if you are feeling venturous make sure you ask for the daily specials instead of ordering off the menu you will not regret it.

9. Pujol (Mexico)

The ”Pujol Mexico” city Mexico traveling to the other side of the globe we arrived in Mexico City for the best spot named by wall street journal as the best restaurant in Mexico City and our list Pujol’s kitchen is run by chef Enrique Alvera serving. The specialty of the Restaurant is refined and elegant Mexican notion the concept of the restaurant is built around indigenous ingredients found in the country along with traditional cooking techniques as an accolade to Mexico’s rich culinary history. If you go to eat Pujali then you will be served a menu, there you will see the type of food which actually varies according to the season. However, you can gate the chef’s signature mole Madre mole nuevo this is the traditional Mexican recipe, and baby corn with chikitana and mayonnaise also. The restaurant’s permanent dishes on the menu chikidana and mayonnaise feeling adventurous.

8. Odette (Singapore)

The Odette, Singapore is next on to Singapore for southeast Asia’s finest restaurant Odette internationally acclaimed with three Michelin stars to its name. This restaurant is definitely worth a special journey marukio uni with pran tartar mussel cloud and crystal caviar and signature rosemary smoked egg with smoked potato siphon and chorizo will surely make the trip worth it. while especially when every little detail is taken care of imagining yourself eating in a muted pink and grey setting with a live piano playing in the background the food, Has french influences with produce being personally sourced from specialists in France but you’ll find a lot of Asian dishes as well especially Japanese items.

7. Maido Lima (Peru)

Maido Lima Peru life is a vibrancy nothing is stationary or absolute no one is we are all in a state of the constant stream just like the earth these are the words of welcoming you to maido’s restaurant’s web portal. When you are trying to book a seat in the Restaurant with this attitude on exhibit you can only imagine the dedication. They show to their dishes this fusion of Latin American and Japanese cuisines are predominantly fish focused thanks to its owner mitsuharu sumura, who gathered experience both in the USA and Osaka Japan. Word has it the menu’s beef cheek is an experience you don’t want to miss and speaking of experiences maedo’s dining room is an artistic experience on its own with stout cords cascading from the ceiling swinging low over tables.

6. Frantzén (Stockholm, Sweden)

Frantzén is a Swedish restaurant with Asian influences which is pretty unique in and of itself the restaurant is one of the first globally to create an immersive setting for its guests, before enjoying some seriously futuristic and delicious dishes those visiting are taken on a tour of the beautiful property around the multi-story townhouse hosting the restaurant. What is so futuristic about the menu you ask. Well, Francian’s food marries classic and modern cooking techniques from both Nordic and Asian cuisines in a one menu option for lunch and dinner featuring scallop blue lobster quail barbecued with green peas or maitake and Japanese mustard.

5. Disfrutar (Barcelona)

Disfrutar Barcelona Spain disruptor or enjoy if we were to translate its name is one of the most delicious and surprising culinary experiences in the world. There is no other restaurant that forces the boundaries of gastronomy the way the chef team of oriole Castro Mateo casanias and Eduard zatruch do the Michelin guide praises the restaurant use modern technical skill and good taste alongside. Its coeval space with an open view kitchen awarding it with two Michelin stars. If you are making a culinary detour while visiting Gauri city you will be capable to enjoy dishes such as fluffy buns stuffed with caviar eel and the best wine to tie the flavors jointly looking for more motivation for your gastronomic.

4. Central Lima (Peru)

Central Lima Peru another entry from lima Peru restaurant central is a celebration of the unique landscapes and history of the country. By using locally sourced ingredients and traditional methods cooks Virgilio Martinez and pia leon run the show and really they got married just four days before the restaurant’s first position on the world’s 50 best restaurants list in 2013. Central presents fine dishes made from the best resources the land and sea have to offer from pork belly and goat’s neck to scallops squid and clams in the restaurant. They try to make sure each dish is an experience and besides the quality food and atmosphere, this chef pairing goes to great lengths to ensure the restaurant is sustainable with no food or resource going to waste.

3. Asador Etxebarri (Spain)

Asador Etxebarri akstondo Spain we have reached the podium and our first entry is another restaurant from Spain you might think is rural and simple but actually, it is a diamond Asador Etxebarri with a jaw-dropping view over the mountains and hosted in the same rustic rock building. Since the 1990s Asador Etxebarri deserves its spot among the top three best of the best restaurants in the world. If you think grilled meat with simple seasoning is not something worth obtaining well think again chef champion archizoni’s superpower is being able to grill almost anything and bring out incredible flavors from what seem like simple ingredients the structure has six adjustable grills. And they are even preparing their coal in-house from carefully selected wood to pair with specific types of meat.

2. Geranium (Denmark)

Geranium Copenhagen Denmark housed on the 8th floor of the national football stadium in Copenhagen geranium got silver in our 2021 best restaurants top list. It is been awarded three Michelin stars and curators of the world’s 50 best list said chef Rasmus kofo is arguably the best at applying beauty to food with amazing panoramic park views you’ll be able to witness the differences in the season as your palate experiences seasonal changes. To the tasting menu to pair with this amazing tasting menu, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy designer drinks by the restaurant’s co-owner Soren Liu pro tip make sure you ask for a tour of the kitchen you will not lament it.

1. Noma (Denmark)

Noma Copenhagen Denmark here we are elixirs we made it to number one with a partial sweep of the podium another entry from Denmark. We are seeing noma as the top choice for 2021’s best restaurant noma offers three different menus throughout the year. The best known for its new Nordic cooking that upholds inspiring eras of chefs across the world. The restaurant was named the best in the world between 2010 and 2012 and then 2014 also and before closed in 2016 it reopened in 2018 and it is back with bdinerselongs wowing. With endlessly creative menus only to name a few of the last season’s highlights the restaurant served vegetarian celeriac shawarma precious crab meat and a duck dish with claws feathers and the beak that people absolutely loved henday luxurs.

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